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Pat Orchard: News

WOMAD Festival 2014

Pleased to announce that I am booked to play the WOMAD Festival 2014
Details to follow.


Pat Orchard pleased to announce that he is booked to play the Wychwood Festival 2014
Details to follow. 

When We Were Young - Video

Live at The Boringdom Arms - Plymouth


The Rising Sun - Gunnislake

Jazz Morley

Venue: B-Bar   

Address: Castle Street, The Barbican, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2NJ


I am really pleased to be asked to kick off a wonderful evenings music as guest of the talented songwriter Jazz Morley.
I never thought I would hear any artist capture the beauty that is 'In The Bleak Midwinter' more then my friend the late, great Bert Jansch but Jazz does just that. But her own songs are very, very special. A real talent and a night not to be missed!

Get your tickets here now.. 

For other info re Jazz here are some links;  - Join the Facebook event here. 





Maybe you will put some money in a poppy day collection box if you download it. Thanks. Pat.

With gold medals on chests 
Their shoes shine Sunday best 
And memories are the worn uniforms 
On the Sunday Parade 
And the Sally Army plays 
On a cold esplanade 
Both the old and the young have come 
To the Sunday parade
Meet me by the waterside 
And we'll turn back tides 
And set our eyes on the Sunday parade 
Meet me by the empty docks 
We'll wind back those clocks 
As we watch the Sunday parade
So stand tall for Henry born of the sea 
Lest we forget the convoys corvette 
Stand tall for Gerry and my fathers green beret 
Lest we forget the convoys corvette 
Meet me by the waterside 
And we'll turn back tides 
And set our eyes on the Sunday parade 
Meet me by the empty docks 
We'll wind back those clocks 
As we watch the Sunday parade
Meet me by the rusting hulls 
Where the screaming of gulls 
Will remind us of those who were remained 
Will remind us of those who were slain 
As we watch the Sunday parade.



glastonbury 2013

I am booked to play two stages at Glastonbury 2013

Times and details are as the official programme below.

Margaret Thatcher 1979 -1990

I absolutely hated the way that she allowed the buying of Council Houses. 
I understand those who bought, after all this was probably the only way they were ever going to get any wealth in their life-time. I cant blame them because they should not have had such a temptation put in front of them by Thatcher. How immoral was that?
What about those who did not buy? 
Some had been on the list patiently waiting for years for the day to come when they could leave their flats and get a property with a wee bit of grass maybe? 
Others were in terrible tower blocks or vile estates that no-one wanted to live in the first place, why would they buy them? 
Well they were stuck there now because nothing was moving, not them, or those below them who were waiting to get on the housing list in the first place.
Before this sell off it was difficult enough to get a council house, later it was near impossible.
During the 1970’s I remember my mother having to go to the Council Housing Office time and time again.. having to deal with the cold officials who seemed to judge her that she was a single mum. We lived in 22 different accommodations in Exmouth over those awful years, always moving in and out of the Shelleys wooden houses, whose price would rocket in the summer months and be cheap and damp in the winter. We shared bed-sits and beds far beyond what a son and mum should have to do. She fought on, never gave up but slowly went mad and ended up in Digby Mental Home, Exeter. Perversely that made her points double and we were offered a council house.
I remember going to the house the first time. She closed the door and stood there and wept, I did too but as a young lad I hid it, turning my back on her and pretended that I was interested with the miraculous Reddifusion button on the wall (which of course I was!). 
It was our first home.

When the buying frenzy started we were blessed with an Exmouth end-of-terrace house with sea views. Our neighbours sold up in droves. They were sought after and sold for a mint. I am proud to say that we did not. We remembered what it was like that a family could be kept together with a roof over their heads. Not so long ago Mum passed away and the house was returned to the council. Its gardens beautiful with climbing plants. I hope that it went to a family who needed it. I hope that somebody walked though the front door and felt safe, knowing that they had a home.

It wasn't perfect those years thanks to the bloody hypocritical Union Bosses and who brought the country to its knees allowing the vacuum to be filled with bloody Thatcher. Power corrupts on the left as it does on the right of politics. Clichés exist because they are truths that remain valid with time.

Right…end of my left-of-the-centre socialistic views, now on to my right-of-the-centre capitalistic desires, in other words, stop reading this and go and buy my ‘Shabby Road’ CD, all these points are expressed within a musical form.

Dave Evans - Stagefright

On a dark night many moons ago, when the world was analogue and only existed in black and white, I was watching the little dot get smaller and smaller on my TV screen, which meant it was time for bed. I then remembered this Vinyl Album (you young and beautiful things had better Google that), that i had bought earlier in the day. It was called Elephantasia by Dave Evans. On the first playing I knew that I wanted to play guitar and if possible (alas it wasn't) like Dave. The title track alone was aeons ahead of its time, he had produced a whole herd of stampeding elephants using his guitar and altering the speed of the recording tape. His song-writing was brilliant in its poetry and sentiment. I was totally hooked on his music. Later he showed everyone how to really arrange O'Carolan harp tunes on the acoustic guitar... then, he was gone. Last time I saw him play was at the Crypt in London.The world was in colour by then..
Anyway, why I mention this is to say how goddam proud I am that he has 'liked' my music page!! :-) Now the only thing left to tick of my bucket list (apart from the final 'Kick It' is to own and play a Dave Evans guitar.... and to introduce you to his music.

Fish. free download

FISH - Free download.
Enough… enough left wing / right wing ‘better then you’ politics, enough aren't bankers wankers, enough kiddy fiddling religious pervs.
So, with Mal ─Éarwen on Bass and Bodrum, Bodgedrum Bodybum or whatever that weird Irish Drum is called and me on mandolin and guitar and vocals, I give you ‘Fish’ (which is better then calling the song Crabs and giving you them)
We are all responsible.
Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.
FISH (Free download to share)

If you’re looking for answers don’t come looking to me
Cos I’m the writer of songs not the writer of wrongs as you’ll see
If you’re looking for meanings I really don’t have any
Cos I stole all these words from a rhyming dictionary

And if that aint plain
Then let me explain.

I'm a dreamer I'm a schemer of that there’s no doubt
The last to admit I'll be the first to sell out
For fame and sex and cheques full of noughts
Cos I'm only a fish that learnt how to walk

I aimed low in life yet somehow I still missed
So I got out of business and got busy in politics
Now I'm making an issue of crime these days
Whilst making a packet from legal rackets I play

And if that aint clear
Well listen here

I'm a pervert perfect at avoiding detection
An upright member standing for election
I'm slippery and slimy and I just cant be caught
Cos I'm only a fish That learnt how to walk.

I'm a faithless fake preaching religion
Based on the gospel of hate and division
The devil he knows ‘cos my soul he’s bought
And I'm only a fish that learnt how to walk

I'm just a fish.


I have made it to the final of something, somewhere..dont ask me how that happened, but I guess its probably due to my Farcebook friends. Here is the link to make me famous, go to it, listen to my song River, marvel at my breathtaking talent, wish that you had what I have, feel jealous and bitter and then vote for me. Unless you hate me then vote for someone else. I have no idea what I will win. Probably nothing, but at least I would have won something. And i can die happy.

Pat Orchard at The Vauxhall Quay

Published on 21 Jun 2013

Pat Orchard playing at The Vauxhall Quay in aid of the charity the Martha Trust organised by the band 'Jessica and the Rabbitts'
Exceptional guitar playing by Pat Orchard captured by my Sony 

13 for 2013 - MP3 give away - June

13 for 2013 - MP3 give away
This months free music that you can download is called When We Were Young Originally recorded for the London's Mean Fiddler Live Album "If You've Just Tuned In"
It features the lovely strings from Tony Lowe and is a view of Exmouth as seen through the generations of my family...does anyone remember the spooky dark little lane that was a short-cut behind Cranford Avenue called 'Watery Lane'? Happy days indeed.

Across the sand towards the shade 
I'm looking back at the tracks I've made 
The same old smile on the same old face 
This seaside town still the same old place? 
but will there be a trace 
Of when we were young 
Younger then today.

Across the maer onto the dunes 
I listen to the skylarks tune 
I watch the children as they play 
How they steal my mind away 
I'm running through another day 
Of when we were young 
Younger then today.

But I I remember 
The heather on the moors 
And the running home 
From the top of the granite tors 
Down Watery Lane 
I'm chasing shadows once again 
Of when we were young...

But the time will fly Just pass you by 
How the time will fly...How the time will fly...
But take my hand and we'll walk in the sun 
We'll talk of the past, of all we have done 
Old stories are always the best 
Remember the good - forget the rest 
And we can just reminisce 
Of when we were young 


Tonight I will be playing totally unplugged, no PA, no amps or guitar FX that you have all seen me use. Can I do it? Only one way to find out... come down tonight for the show at Plymouth's Guildhall. Info here:

I think that says something... :-)

Here's an interesting fact... 
The Rolling Stones were booked to play Glastonbury last September.. no tickets were sold then at all. None. Not One. Zilch. Now! I was booked to play Glastonbury a day before the tickets went on sale and they all sold out within two hours. Now read into this what you want...but I think that says something. Also, remember that Jimmy Hendrix did not write Purple Haze until he was 25 and I could play it when I was 17. I think that says something. Also I have illusions of grandeur and, although I have not looked that up in the dictionary yet, I think that says something.
If you think you have something to say leave it below, but I doubt its as interesting as my facts. (no smiley face attached therefore you must assume that I am being serious)

13 for 2013 - April - River Exe

13 for 2013 - MP3 give away
This months free music is called River Exe

It was the first day of spring.
It was Mothering Sunday
It was my mothers birthday
It was the day my song Dylan was born
It was the day that my mother ashes were commited to the River Exe
It was a day I shall never forget.

The song is 1.40 seconds long but a lifetime for my family.

Dedicated to all those in and around Exmouth and who love the river.
For all those who have loved and lost.
The river keeps on flowing.
The same as it ever was.
Pat x
Link to download is here..

Number 1 in the charts!

Job done! 
I am now number 1 on the Muff charts.. That means that the red rope will part as I approach Jannabelles Nite (sic) Club and they will usher me into the VIP area, thereby I will not have to stand next to a load of Swillys in the freezing cold avoiding their murderous gaze or side step their sic (sick) on the pavement.
I have proved, that anyone can be number one. 
It means nothing.
I shall of course carry on posting this photo on different social decease sites as it will still fool people in places like Norway and Mesopotamia, that I am a creative force to be reckoned with (due to the fact that my first album, 10 Flags, sold enough copies to 'go' cardboard).
Finally, don't bother with me, Freshly Squeezed (a lowly number 3 in the chart) are the business, really talented musicians who do not rely on sad self-congratulatory posts to sell themselves. Also 3's A Crowd (then sack one and become a duo) are brilliant. I have not heard 'The Infinite Collection' or 'The Normals' but i would hazard a guess that they are better then me as well. 
But. I am number one, and thats what counts!!
So s@d em.

Number 4 and climbing...

OK Listen UP! Now at number 4 and 'trending' , whatever that means.. so, regardless of the fact that I am an old has been, never play, get paid or laid and, like Jethro Tull, seem to be living in the past, we can get me to number one. So DOWNLOAD these tracks for free and we can then prove that the charts are no reflection on talent or music. Once I am at number one I shall then copy the chart as a picture, post in on Farcebook and live on that bit of pathetic history until I die. Or longer.

Phil Young Show on Phonic Fm - Live session

"Great session on the Phil Young Show thanks to Phonic Fm ,Fred Previous , Will Pollard and Rob Lindsay (who was not invited to play 'cos he couldn't be arsed to write any bass lines) but he decided to be a ligger and block the view of the barmaid all night. Not sure what I said on the show, think I may have said the odd naughty word or two, and I am not sure of how my playing came over 'cos I wouldn't wear headphones during session so have never heard it. Will was filming it, for what I am not sure but I am sure that once the blackmail letter comes in I will. So, surprising for a man from Muff but I had a good night in Exeter! Mind you the after show beer(s) ( (sic) (k) )) and currie (sic..(ker) made up for any misdemeanour's. I hope."

5 Star Review of "10 Flags"

Just realised that posting this seems like a sad sod living in the past, which, of course, I am. However, i do wonder what could have happened if I had a record company behind me etc during this period as I was picking up top reviews but had no distribution to sell the music. So, i guess that's why I am posting this, cos I still have hundreds of the sodding CD's and the hole in the middle is beginning to heal over.. so. Buy it. 5 star 'No Risk Disc' ( no risk to me that is..) Pat. (Old has-been who never was.. etc etc.) Nurse!

Facebook Group for free Pat Orchard music!

  • Open group
  • A portal to allow access to FREE music and VIDEO downloads from Pat Orchard.

13 for 2013 - MP3 give away - March

13 for 2013 - MP3 give away
This months free music to download is a little guitar instrumental called Jacob. (Any feedback welcome)
Link to download is here..

Love Sick?

Blues. Well its not really me is it...but I like the humour and innuendo of the song, also i perform it as though I am suffering from Tourettes syndrome ... Anyway, as i was sent this from a 'fan', it would be rude not to post it.

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